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Due to the free availability of self-publishing platforms, thousands of books are published on a daily basis. Anyone can literally publish almost anything. The positive side is the freedom given to all which is to express and write freely with or without the approval of others. The downside is the challenge of being given attention.

As an online publicity company (affiliated with Amazon) with headquarters in New Jersey, this is where we come in. Our mission is to help authors’ books be noticed and sold. So we suggest services that are in line with the modern expectation of book buyers. Our vision is to make authors’ messages known and move the world. So we are honest and passionate of what we do because our company is founded by authors themselves.

Trusted by writers worldwide, our guarantee is this: You’re in good hands with us.

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Press Release Campaign
Author’s Website
Google Targeted Advertising
Facebook Targeted Advertising
Book Trailer Ad on Facebook
Assisted Self-publishing

Our work is based on the challenges of authors. we act as if it’s our own book.

press release campaign

Making noise while marketing your book through Publicity, using the power of the Media. Our professional news editor will write a captivating article about you and your book in a press release statement. Then we will submit the said article to online media outlets including Google News, Yahoo and Bing.

Author’s website

A personalized website, professionally done, would definitely give an impression to book buyers that you’re really serious about what you do as an author. You can personalize the site name like Essential web pages are present such as About The Author, Buy Now and Contact. Blog Page is also included where you can upload your journal, pictures and videos with the ability to share your content to Social Media sites.

google targeted advertising is the most visited website in the world. Almost all people use google when they search for something on the internet. How does it work? First, we’ll purchase your e-book. Then, we’ll have your book reviewed. We will then advertise your book review to targeted people who are using Google search engine. With your book review as our guide, we would know who would be your best potential buyers based on location, age, interest, topic and keywords.


As of 2020, approximately seven out of ten American adults use Facebook. So that’s about 69% of the entire US population. What’s our strategy? We’ll purchase your e-book and have it reviewed. Along with your book cover picture and the link to purchase, we will then advertise your book review to targeted Facebook account holders based on location, age and interest.

Book trailer ad on facebook

Book Trailer is like a video teaser or commercial about your book. It will let the viewers see, hear and feel about what your book can do if they purchase it. The service has an option of having a professional voice actor/actress who will narrate the highlights of your story. Then we will use the trailer for advertising on Facebook to targeted account holders based on location, age and interest.

Assisted Self-Publishing with kdp

If you have a new manuscript and want to self-publish, we highly suggest you do it to Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). We admit, KDP can’t be beaten simply because of its numerous advantages such as its free cost, unlimited book cover changes and manuscript revisions without any charge at all. As long as you have the basic computer skills, having full confidence of no grammar and spelling mistakes and as long as you’re contented of using free stock images, then you can do this on your own. But if you want to be assisted simply because you lack those things mentioned, this is where we come in for a professional fee.

For more details, dial 551 587 7934 and leave a message. We’ll get back with you as soon as possible. You can also email us at and we’ll be glad to respond.

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