I started to write during those years where I was far away from home. I had to soothe my homesickness through my diary. There I learned to keep a journal where I just put down into writing whatever came into my mind. It was very personal. I made it sure no one can read it.

When I got into college, I continued writing. When I read back my notes, I observed I was able to compose some words of wisdom which could be my guide when I grow older. Indeed, some of those words became a point of reference when I needed a guiding light as I entered in my 30’s.

Years passed by, I realize that my writing has evolved into some sort of a self-fulfillment. I write because it’s making me seriously happy. It’s more of a kind of happiness for myself. I tried to stop writing just to see the other side but I got lost and empty. It was as if I took something essential out from myself.

Trying to analyze deeper, I realize that every time I write, I’m continually actualizing my purpose in this world.

Whether you’re an author or not, I guess it’s really good that you put down into writing what’s in your heart and mind. Write for yourself. When you look back into what you’ve written in your notebook years after, you’ll be both touched and amused. You might see yourself more valuable, thus, realizing you have so much potential waiting to be fully unleashed. Even if that’s not the case, just by expressing yourself, either recording through audio, video or paper, what you’re doing is trying to know yourself more. When you do, you understand yourself better which progresses into self-acceptance and self-worth.

– The Moving Words Book

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