Never give up on your book if you believe you’ve written to the best you can. Best-selling authors achieved to what they are right now because they didn’t give up on their dream and vision that someday, their message will move the minds and hearts of mankind while they make a lot of money of what they do best.

If what you do best is writing, then by all means, never give up on writing and promoting your book again and again and again. If you have to write another book, then do it until your work is recognized.

Most famous authors, if not all, did it the hard way when they started. Some of them were never taught how to write at all. All of a sudden on one certain day, their hands were moved to put their thoughts and imagination into paper. From then on, they never stopped as their skills were developed, refined and evolved. When their manuscripts were published, most of them received less attention, if not, none at all. But they never stopped believing in their potential. On the other hand, when they received attention, they were criticized and were negatively put down. It was natural for them to feel discouraged but they stood up and insisting to themselves, saying, “I will go on. I have to. I’ll get better and someday, I will get there.”

If you’re an unknown self-published author or even your book is traditionally published yet you feel you’re still not successful, you know now what to do.

– The Moving Words Book

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