THE WAY OF THE MEISTER by Christian M. Wiese

Can you imagine waking up one day and experiencing a force—the Way—opening up to you? You may have been intrigued by Eckhart Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’ or admired Neal Walsch’s ability to have conversations with God.

Christian M. Wiese demonstrates in ‘The Way of the Meister’ that everyone can enjoy this daily intimate God connection. A Meister is a master of a craft. Ten years into his spiritual awakening, Christian shares his lessons learnt. The content of this book is enlightening, yet its delivery is pragmatic. ‘The Way of the Meister’ is a pilgrimage in a pocket. It is both an art and a science to keep the magic of the Way going every day. Learn how to become a spiritual Meister yourself.

Review by Slater Sawyer: For those who are looking for answers, feeling like they are in a spiritual slump, or ready to advance to the next spiritual level, this is an excellent read.
Free of religious dogma or exotic sounding mumbo jumbo, this book is full of useful and insightful information.

About the Author: Christian Wiese discovered a wonderful force-the Way-while working as a strategist in the financial industry. ‘The Way of the Meister’ is the sequel to Christian’s first book, ‘The Magnificent Experiment’, describing his spiritual Awakening in 2008. Born in Berlin, Germany, he lives today with his wife and two children in Newton, Massachusetts, where he works as an author, educator and spiritual life coach.

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