There’s a time for everything for everyone in this world.

A time to be employed and a time to employ a workforce… A time to follow and a time to lead your own team with all your authority and credibility.

A time to endure the disrespect and oppression of others and a time that you can’t take it anymore that you have to speak up to assert your right, dignity and your place in this world.

A time to always agree and say yes and a time to disagree and say no because what you have in mind is better and producing long term good results… A time to harmonize and a time to break away to make them realize that not all the time they’re right.

A time to smile, ride along, laugh, be hypocritical and a time to frown, leave and be genuine in order to be true to yourself.

A time to be created and a time to create on your own to prove to the world that the Kingdom of God is within you. After all, You are created in the image and likeness of God.

A time to respect and a time to do things even if it means disrespect or betrayal to others when all that you want is to live your life to the fullest free from bondage and suffering.

A time to listen, read, learn from others and a time to listen to your inner voice so you can compose for others to read and learn from your words.

There’s a time for everything for everyone in this world. Not all the time, you’re placed in a position where you’re down, poor, voiceless or subjugated. Now it is your time to move up, be rich, be the voice and rule.

There’s no other time but now. Don’t delay for time will come you may not have the opportunity and chance. Don’t procrastinate for death might already be in front of your eyes.

– The Moving Words Book

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