As we’re faced with this ongoing global pandemic of Coronavirus, we ask ourselves, “What’s the meaning of this? Where is God? Or is there really a God? If there’s really a God, what is He doing to help us? Why does He allow this in the first place?”

As of today (May 15, 2020), there are 4.4 million people who got the Coronavirus while 302,376 perished due to this deadly disease.

There are religious men who said that those who died are sinners but I disagree because I’m sure some of those, if not most, are good and innocent people. Other Christian groups claim that what’s happening right now is a sign of the coming Apocalypse while other people said that this outbreak is simply the outcome of man’s violation to nature.

Whatever it is, one is certain. God is not the cause of this disease. Yes, there is a God, the one who created all of us. When He created us, He gave us freedom and so we can do whatever we want to do even if it’s going to harm us.

I challenge any author out there to come up with the book about this Coronavirus on a scientific yet realistic point of view. In layman’s term, tell us what happened in the first place without being politically biased. I’m aware there are different sides of the story and conflicting versions but I’m hoping that book will be published soon. If there’s already one, please let me know.

– The Moving Words Book

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