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STAY AT HOME vs. Coronavirus

Last March, it was reported that 60% of Coronavirus carriers of a specific country came from a certain religious group. In fact, the leader got on his knees and bowed down, apologizing to the nation’s spread of disease.

A month ago, there was this pastor who was on the news because he died due to Coronavirus. Before he died, the video showed that he was preaching to his church members saying that don’t be afraid of the virus because God is out there. Obviously, he violated the government’s order not to hold mass gatherings. Consequently, most of his family members got infected.

Few days ago, when the stay-at-home order was lifted in a certain place, a celebration was held. One guest was coughing, who was later tested to be a Coronavirus carrier. Consequently, a lot of other guests got infected.

God doesn’t interfere with our willful decisions. God doesn’t show His power such as stopping the spread of any disease or much more like raising the dead back to life.

I know there are a number of people who don’t believe in God but since they simply stay at home, practicing social distancing and washing of hands, they remain to be in good health and free from Coronavirus.

I’ve been seeing people being interviewed on TV that they recovered because of their deep faith on God. On the other hand, I’ve also seen different people on the media, saying they were just thankful of their doctors and nurses who were there in the recovery process. They said they must have a strong immune system that they survived.

Whatever our belief is, one thing is certain. Staying at home is still our best protection from this Coronavirus. And for all aspiring authors, this is your opportunity to finally put your thoughts and creative imagination into paper. You must have all the time, more than ever before.

– The Moving Words Book