Writer’s block sometimes happens. It’s just normal. Let me share with you what I do in order to get past through it and still write as if I’m in the state of inspiration.

This is where meditation comes in. Before I start, I turn on the speaker, playing a soothing new age music. I sit in a comfortable chair and close my eyes. I make sure that all my bodily muscles are relaxed and loosened. I focus on the air I breathe through my nose, feeling my heart beating in a normal rhythm.

I proceed to deep breathing. Through my nose, I slowly inhale until I can sense my tummy to be inflated. Then through my mouth, I slowly exhale whispering, “Relax…” I then return to normal breathing for a few seconds.

I repeat the whole process twice. Thereafter, I feel like all the emptiness, dullness and the aridity in life have been cleared as I am geared up to get my hands on the keyboard.

I start typing those thoughts which came up when I was meditating. Progressively, my imagination fuels those thoughts as I continuously write and go with the flow under the dictates of my creative thinking.

Voilà! That solves writer’s block.

– The Moving Words Book

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