SHAMAN by Carl Bozeman

Shaman is the fifth book of Carl Bozeman, the bestselling author of On Being God: Beyond Your Life’s Purpose.

Join bestselling author Carl Bozeman’s compelling narration that travels the forests and mountains of northern New Mexico and southern Colorado as one family reunites with their estranged father who takes them on a journey into a little known world they will discover as they reconnect with the man they thought they knew. A man now pressed by time but surrounded by infinity, and whose vision penetrates all earthly veils allowing us to peer into other worlds so close by we touch them daily without knowing it.

Follow along as the unfolding events transform the world we routinely observe into a vast and mysterious wonderland that bursts into our awareness with such force it will alter the very fabric of our earthly experience.

After reading Shaman you may never look at the world the same.

(review by Devrah Laval, author of “Leap to Freedom – Healing Quantum Guilt”):

Absolutely brilliant! Whether you have read Tom Brown Jr. or Dan Millman’s: Way of the Peaceful Warrior or the Celestine Prophecy, you will not be able to stop reading Carl Bozeman’s: Shaman, until you’ve finished it! All of Carl’s books are brilliant but Shaman grabbed my heart. I felt transported in every chapter to a place where I too “lived” the experiences that he spoke of. His humility and profound teachings are weaved throughout the book beautifully. I believe that Shaman represents the father that lives in all our hearts and is what we truly are, in our highest potential, beyond form, gender or concept. Carl, you truly are, “Shaman!”

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