Pray in Gratitude

It’s been said that the best form of prayer is gratitude.

It can’t be denied, there are times when fear sets in our minds. But that’s okay. It’s normal. You just have to let it go. You just don’t entertain fear for too long to stay in your mind. When fear is gradually fading, replace it with a prayer. This is when we pray in gratitude, thanking God in advance that everything is gonna be alright.

What I do is I close my eyes, take a deep breath and exhale, whispering, “Relax…” I go back to normal breathing, being aware of the air going inside and outside of my nose, trying to calm down my heart beating. Then I take a deep breath again and exhale, whispering, “Peace…” The process is the same. I then take a deep breath and exhale, whispering, “Thank you, My God…” I repeat the process all over again until I’m fully relaxed.

When you pray in gratitude, your mind is set to relax, clearing all the negative thoughts you may have. Then these are the only thoughts that should remain: Thanking God that what you ask for will be granted. Trusting the God in You that you can do it when you take action and never giving up until the prayer is answered.

So calm down. Don’t worry too much. Trust in God. Where is God? God is in you. You and God are one. In other words, You are also God. Since you are God, then you have the power to do whatever you want to do until you become fully successful.

– The Moving Words Book

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