Why Things Happen?

Things happen because of no reason at all. It occurs to anyone at random. Sickness or accident may come to anyone out of pure mystery. It’s just the way it is that life operates out of pure chance. Whether you’re a sinner or a saint, fortune or misfortune chooses no one. Cause and effect does not apply.

On the other hand, things happen for a reason. Cause and effect will always be the underlying factor in every event. If you get sick, that’s because you did something unhealthy to your body. If you were involved in an accident, it was probably because you were not careful. It’s always you, you and you. If it can’t be traced by your actions in this present lifetime, then it could be in your previous life. Thus, believing in reincarnation is inevitable. The law of karma is upheld.

The question is… Which do you subscribe? Do you go for the law of karma because it satisfies the human mind’s quest for answers? Satisfaction may not be full and complete but at least the attempt is there to solve life’s mysteries. Could that be better than leaving your life out of pure chance which you have no control?

– The Moving Words Book

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