Consciousness by CARL BOZEMAN

Consciousness is just another thing coopted by your ego that it can have more of than someone else and feed its need to be right and everyone else wrong. It comes with a scale that you can judge yourself and others with, and fuel its condescending nature. “Is your consciousness ‘raised’ to the level of someone you look up to in spiritual, social, psychological, or intellectual circles? No? Well, you better work on that,” or “you can get there too.” Do you see?

The modern-day love affair with consciousness is coupled to “rules” no different than the varying rules of philosophical, political, and religious institutions that make you better only because you know the rules. There are no rules of consciousness. There are no rules at all. If we are one, then we are all one consciousness, and no part of it is better or worse than any other. There simply are no parts.

Raising consciousness is condescension. That is “raising ego,” and that is not a way to spirituality or awareness. Being married to “what is” with love and reverence make you aware, but never “better.”

Carl Bozeman

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