A Father’s Moving Words to his Son

“My son, don’t worry, you’ll find another girl who can continually love, understand and accept as you are. In my eyes, you’re one in a million. Nowadays, there are a lot of young men whose main agenda with a girl is indulging with their lustful desires. But you’re not like that. I know you, better than anyone else. You are, by nature, pure and innocent. Sometimes, you become adulterated because of outside forces such as your friends in school. But that’s normal. It’s part of growing up. It’s part of learning life’s lessons which you wouldn’t learn at all had you not undergone through those things. The good thing about you, you know how to get out. You know how to say no if the same situation is presented before you again.

Anyhow, you must still be grateful that she came into your life. Not only she’s beautiful, undeniably, she’s a good and a thoughtful person. I know there were moments she truly made you happy. I guess that’s what matters.

I always believe in destiny when it comes to love. If she’s really meant for you, the mysterious universe will find a way that someday, she’ll be back into your arms again. But just don’t expect it will happen. If it happens, then thank God. If it doesn’t, you’ll encounter another girl who is destined for you. When it happens, value her more. Take care of her more than what you did with your first girl.

Life is always about learning to become a better person, a better version of who you are. Like a book, there’s a revised edition. It’s also the same case with us.

But remember, my beloved son, I love you as you are. Whatever you may become, I’m always here for you. Nothing would ever change the way I see you since you were a little boy. In my heart, you’ll always be my baby, pure, innocent, kind and jolly.

Have I told you there were a lot of times you melt me? You have a unique way of making me sweetly smile, making me forget I have problems all the while.”

– The Moving Words Book

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