When will this Discrimination End?

Conflicts between the rich and poor, powerful and weak, black and white or whatever skin or race it may be, these problems of discrimination will continue to persist if we first don’t change the way we think and believe.

We think we are the superior race than the others. We think we are blessed and favored by destiny than the others. We think there’s a separation between rulers and those who are ruled. Because of this thinking, we believe we have the right to overpower others and even to the point of killing. Due to this mentality, we believe there is separation as we live with that principle. We hold on to this principle because it works to protect our selfish interests which has served us for many decades and even centuries enjoyed by our forefathers.

We don’t want to change the way things are because if we do, that could mean losing our power, resources and prestige. If we change, it will take a lot of sacrifices. Yes, it’s a sacrifice because finally, we can share unconditionally. At last, we’re willing to disclose everything we know so others will learn on how to become wise and rich. We will then become open to teach others so they too become empowered.

But I guess we’re not ready for it because of fear. We’re afraid they will become richer than us. We’re scared they will overpower us. We are utterly terrified that the world will turn upside down.

Fear really produces hellish scenarios. However, love to humanity can produce heaven in this world. If we let go of fear and just trust them, in the long run, there will be equality. There will be peace.

Well, this is just my wishful thinking. Realistically, I honestly don’t think that’s going to happen soon. Maybe we have to wait a thousand years or maybe, forever.

– The Moving Words Book

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