The Fifteen Keys to Life by Julie Cox

1. Believe in God. Everything happens for a reason. What sometimes breaks us makes us stronger, and in the end your strength will be unbreakable under any circumstances.
2. You can rise above your trials and tribulations. You will find your strength. The light of a brighter future can be seen through even the smallest hole.
3. Believe in yourself so others may also believe in you, and so they might begin to believe in themselves.
4. Dare to dream! Your dreams are your shining stars. If you believe, your star will guide you which way to go. Dreams are your future discovered, so always act on
your dreams.
5. Love your parents, and be grateful under any circumstances for all they have done for you. They gave you life, and you are here for a reason—maybe even a divine reason.

6. Have a sense of responsibility for yourself and society. Be not a burden but a proud, patriotic citizen of your country.
7. Be an instrument of change for the benefit of yourself and others. If you help yourself and become successful, then you can help others with your generosity.
8. Promote peace, love, and charity. God will measure your good works one day.
9. Promote the love of nature and the environment. Your children and the children of your children will remember and benefit from your sensibilities.
10. Prosperity is not only material wealth. Generosity of kindness and compassion to others also enrich our souls.

11. Give until it hurts. You will be rewarded to the same measure as you give.
12. Make sacrifices for the good of others and not for self-interest and/or glorification.
13. Be a bridge over troubled waters. Lend a hand to someone having difficult times.
14. The sun always shines the brightest after heavy storm. Whatever you think is your worst problem, somebody else has it worse than you do. You will always see the light is brighter after going through the darkness.
15. Metaphorically, heaven can be a parallel realm on earth just as well. You can find it when you find the ways needed to make other people happy. Heaven can thus be found in people’s smiles of gratitude aimed back at your simple kindness shown toward them.

Julie Cox

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