NO to wiping US history and I am an American of Asian descent.

Protest should be about All Lives Matter, or about Native American Indian rights about their own land taken forcibly. That’s the history worth fighting for to get it right.

History be known that slaves were given opportunities to be repatriated and they refused as some are also slaves owner. It is not only America trading slaves. Every country has guilty past and it is part of history.

I’ve never felt discriminated as I’ve always been successful depending on my merit. I’ve never been arrested as I obey the law. My skin color is never an issue as majority of humans don’t look at the color of any skin and as an American, we probably would never elected Obama if we are prejudiced.

Injustice happens across all colors. We have responsibilities to make it right but rioting, looting, damaging properties and killing are totally wrong and not decent human doing.

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