Teacher-Parent-Student Workbook for Learning and Teaching Basic Phonics by Melvine Groves

Are you a TEACHER of PRE-KINDERGARTEN students up to first grade? Or are you working with SPECIAL EDUCATION students that need extra repetition of skills?

If you are, then this book could greatly benefit your profession.

TEACHER-PARENT-STUDENT WORKBOOK FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING BASIC PHONICS authored by Melvine Groves who enjoyed teaching K to 4th grades for over 25 years.

This book begins with verbally being able to identify colors and then identifying the color words. Melvine puts in the supplemental material for learning the alphabet, digraphs, and vowel sounds. She included activities where students will point, circle, or write colors, numbers, or letters. Also, she uses red to help with identifying vowel sounds. At the end of the book, she has sentences written out for the student to read. The one unique aspect of this workbook is the author’s use of color to help maintain the attention of the students.

Overall, this workbook would be useful to reinforce or practice phonics skills that students are learning.

Worth purchasing the book on Barnes & Noble.

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