Is Life Empty at all?

Life is empty. It has no meaning. Living day by day is but a reality which just occurs. It is as it is. If I die, then I die. If I continue to live, then I live. If I get lucky, it’s just only by chance or pure random. If I don’t, then it’s just the way it is.

I see things in this world as void. People laugh. They get together but behind all is nothing. The truth is: there’s no happiness nor sadness at all. There’s no good nor bad. When you peel off anything, what you see is pure neutrality. Living day by day as if there’s no tomorrow…

On the other side of the story, everything that happens has a reason. Whatever that occurs right now is the product of our past dominant thoughts and decisions. Everyone is responsible to what’s going on in our lives in one way or the other. The present is simply the by-product of the past. The future is the result of our ongoing interaction with the current situation. Sometimes, the future can be viewed through our dreams. When we wake up, we will know what’s going to happen in the near future if we’re able to decode the symbols presented and what we felt during our dreams.

After emptiness and reason, there’s the third one which purifies the two, thus, becomes, the most powerful reality. And that’s love. Love uncovers emptiness and brings out the wonders in life. Love breaks the chains of karmic reactions of reason. It changes the course in the present situation towards the path of one’s highest desire in freeing humanity’s long standing suffering from ignorance and slavery. A slavery of man-made laws and beliefs…

The message of love is unconditional kindness without any anger nor revenge. It wishes no ill to anyone. Forgiveness is the dominant dictate of the heart. Compassion is the overflow of its emotions.

– The Moving Words Book

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