Is there such thing as Certain Truth?

Oh, Life! For so many years, you’re still a mystery to me.

After all the books I’ve read, after all the words I’ve heard from others, after all the things I’ve read in the internet and after all the experiences I’ve gone through, I still don’t have the exact key in unlocking the door leading to certain truth.

But is there such thing as certain truth in this world? Yes, there is but only very few. Almost everything else is relative. Truth changes all the time. What was true before is no longer be applicable in the present.

There are only three certain truths which never change and may still stand true in the years to come. Love, compassion and kindness.

We may no longer believe that there’s a God out there, promising us eternal joy in Heaven.

We may no longer believe in technology that it would bring us any good at all. We may no longer work hard for the future. What remains then is our concern on how we live in the present.

We will only ask ourselves these questions. Have I truly loved? Have I been compassionate? Have I been kind to others?

– The Moving Words Book

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