Colonial Adventure and Other Stories by H. Ann Ackroyd

Colonial Adventure and Other Stories is an epic in free-form verse depicting a slice of British colonial history (1936 – 1977) as experienced by individuals on both sides of the racial conflict. It starts with a British couple who establish a large agricultural operation in what was then Southern Rhodesia, later Rhodesia and now Zimbabwe. With the rise of black nationalism, the black majority rebels, leading to a brutal civil war that damages every segment of the population.

Of the other shorter stories, all in free-form verse, one concerns a female architect
from Haiti, another a retired actor and a third a young boy abandoned by his mother.
A fourth poem addresses an over-reaction in the climate of fear about Islam and a
fifth an outrage against a teenager seeking to free herself from family domination.
Simba Kubwa is a dramatic monologue conducted by an African dictator.

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H. Ann Ackroyd was Born in Rhodesia, Africa. The author got her education in South Africa and Europe. In Brazil, she lived for many years. She now lives in Saint John, NB, Canada.

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