There is no other time but Now.

Whatever is happening to you and to your family, look at those events as something that occurred for a meaningful reason. It may appear undesirable and upsetting but you have to reframe it, for you to get something good out of it.

It’s no use anymore to be mad or to find someone or something to blame, for it already happened and you can only move on to learn from all those things.

You might be tempted to be mad but you have to cool down and still be at peace with yourself, others and most especially with The Creator.

In those moments, take those events and use them for you to come out as a more learned person. You should become wiser. You’ve been tested and shaken but you should come out sharpened and refined.

Together with your family, with all your belief and confidence, affirm again: “This year is my year. There’s no other time but now. I’m gonna be successful and blessed with intelligence and good health. Thank God. Amen.”

– The Moving Words Book

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