Review: Slaves, Masters, and Traders by H. Ann Ackroyd

Grand Winner of The Most Moving Book 2021 Award, Slaves, Masters and Traders of Ms. Ackroyd is told through multiple persons of voice and from three different locations. It’s a historical fiction that explores the subject of slavery which is set in the backdrop of 1800 AD. Through the power of words, the author presents us the experiences, culture, and life of Africans prior to enslavement in their homeland West Africa and in Louisiana after enslavement.

The narrative is moving and pivotal. The author not only has thoroughly researched the topic but also has immense knowledge and understanding of it which reflects in her writing. 1800 AD is the darkest era of history but we still fail to gauge the extent of the harsh conditions Africans had to go through. And this is where Slaves, Masters, and Traders sets itself apart. It provides an accurate representation and builds a story around it. It does not tamper with the representation to fit a narrative.

The story is told through slaves, masters and slave traders and that made my journey as a reader more enriching and raw. The characters are crafted in a detailed manner and the descriptions of the setting are vivid. The author has a very lucid style of writing which makes it an easy read.

With the issue of racism brought to the forefront in the current times, I’ll recommend everyone to give it a read. This book completely consumed me emotionally and is an experience in itself. It is going to stay with me forever.

– Reviewed by Abby through The Moving Words free book program

Worth buying the book on Amazon.

About the Author. H. Ann Ackroyd was born and raised in southern Africa. She is of British and Austrian parentage and has family in Britain, Europe and Africa with whom she keeps in touch and on whose experiences she draws, along with her own, in Colonial Adventures and Other Stories and Across the Rift. She was trained at the University of Vienna, Austria, as a translator: main languages English and German, also Spanish and Portuguese. She has lived in Africa, Europe, Brazil and now lives in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

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