The Bright Side of Covid-19

This pandemic when people are forced to stay home as much as possible has caused a lot of pain both financially and economically worldwide. No one likes this pandemic. Everyone hates this covid-19, an unseen enemy we seem can’t beat anytime soon.

However, looking at the bright side, we’re also somehow forced to limit or stop our vices once and for all. We began more conscious to take care of our physical health. We’re starting to take vitamins more than ever before. We’re beginning to stop getting drunk at parties or anywhere we can have fun. I don’t know if there’s a study or survey conducted but I have an intuition that fornication has drastically gone down. If this pandemic goes on for a long time where people continue to be infected and killed, time will come that all families will be preserved and united, thus resulting in zero cases of divorce and broken families. All parents will become responsible and good providers. Children don’t need to rebel nor resort to sex, drugs and alcohol.

If we cant reform our lives by the laws of our society, then a pandemic like this may be able to do the job.

But don’t get me wrong. There are people who do good things because it’s the willful dictate of their hearts and minds. But in reality, there are only very few of them.

Someone told me that this coronavirus brought some good meaning in our lives. He said that if this is not the will of God, then this must be allowed by the Creator of this Universe in order to bring about radical change.

– The Moving Words Book

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