Work Hard for the Money

It’s been said that money can’t buy happiness. It’s true but without it, you can go hungry and feel you’re a burden in this society.

You may have debts. Combined with your monthly bills, your income may not be enough to pay them all. That’s why you have to work harder. If you’re into sales, you have to get better in your presentations so you can close more and get paid with more commissions.

You don’t want to borrow money from anyone. You don’t want to place your burden unto others. Continually, you’re trying to figure out ways on how you can earn more. If that’s who you are, then I salute you and bow down before you.

You realize how important money is. It’s a big part in life. We are physical beings. We need food, water, clothing and shelter to survive in this world. Those things are not free. We have to earn money in order to buy them. All of them are not one time purchases except for shelter. For some, buying a house remains a dream.

I used to believe that God provides. What I thought at that time was He, with all His magical power, would really provide my needs as long as I’m good to others while I serve Him by preaching His Word. But I was wrong. So I stopped what I was doing at that time and got back to being employed. I had to, lest my family would starve.

I realize that money is essential to man’s existence. Oftentimes, it can buy happiness when you use it to take out your family for dinner and buy not only their needs but their wants as well.

Whether you’re employed or having your own business, keep working. Don’t depend on others. If possible, don’t ask nor borrow money from them. It’s a great fulfillment when your family looks upon you with respect and pride that you’ve been doing your best with all your efforts to be a good provider.

– The Moving Words Book

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