Things Happen for a Reason

I remember when my son was out of the hospital and got fully recovered, it was one of the happiest days in my life. I also remember when I thought I was about to die due to severe stomach pain, I relentlessly and loudly called the name of God to heal me. After two hours, I was miraculously healed. The kind of joy is deep and very meaningful. My fervent prayers to God were answered. If I’m an atheist or agnostic, what happened at that time would have no meaning at all. It would be like saying life goes on or business as usual.

Since childhood, I was raised by my mom to believe in God and His mysterious wonders, so every time there’s good news, I would always attribute it to God. The feeling then is something amazingly wonderful which makes me realize life is worth living.

There were times I questioned why in some episodes on my life, bad things happened. But as I look back, I realize it wasn’t bad at all. It was still good because the experience gave me a life changing lesson. If it didn’t happen, I might still go on with my usual ways of living until the consequence could be worse.

So I thank God all the time as much as possible because in every event of my life, I believe things happen for a reason. And the reason is always to make me a better person… To make me wiser, more aware of what it takes to be physically well and most of all, to make me grateful, understanding and compassionate towards others.

– The Moving Words Book

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