Enjoy while Eating

One time, I met a surgeon. His impression to me is cordial and he seems to be an honest and compassionate doctor who’s clearly an expert in his field. We talked about appendicitis. He said that the key of avoiding this condition is chewing the food well. Any food which goes inside our mouth must be eaten slowly so when it goes inside our bodies, our digestive system will have an easier work. When we eat fast, especially when we’re in a hurry, we tend to consume food in large volume without undergoing proper chewing by our teeth. When this happens, our digestive system, specifically the large intestine will work harder until it’s stressed out. When this becomes frequent, that’s when the appendix, which is part of the large intestine, becomes inflamed. If early detected, surgical operation can be easily done without complications, but if not, inflammation worsens until appendix bursts out. Then this poses danger.

He also added that when we eat, we should try to enjoy the food. I think the key word there is ENJOY. It’s like savoring the graces we receive from the fruits of our labor or in a spiritual aspect, thanking God for His goodness through the bounties of nature.

So let’s enjoy while eating. How do I do this? As much as possible, I’m silent, listening to the rhythmic sounds of my teeth grinding the food. I don’t watch TV. It should be a pure experience between my mouth and the pleasure of my sense of taste. I should know that I’m not only enjoying, I’m also making my intestine happy. If it has a voice, it could say, “My friend, thank you for making my work easier. As a reward, I will let you live healthy and long.”

– The Moving Words Book