Enjoy with a Mask on

My family and I accepted a birthday invitation few days ago because we were informed that it was just a private celebration. When we arrived, to my surprise and dismay, there were a lot of people. I told my wife, they shouldn’t be doing this. Based on recent findings, covid transmissions are happening indoors such as in residence and neighborhood. Of course, you can’t wear a mask while you’re eating.

While writing this post, I was thinking that at the end of the day, the strong will survive. Those who have a strong immune system, if ever got infected with this coronavirus, will definitely recover. No doubt about that.

Sometimes, you just can’t refuse an invitation because for some if not many, it’s an insult. So go out there when there’s a need especially when the intention is to bond rather than break relationships.

This pandemic might not be over soon. We have changed our lifestyle but we should not change our pursuit to happiness. This coronavirus must not rule our lives. If we can’t rule over it, at least, we must control it.

Very few perished due to covid-19 with approximately 3%. But many are suffering from mental depression. So you can’t stay home all the time. You need to go out there and enjoy but of course, with a mask on.

– The Moving Words Book