Never Wish Harm

Never wish harm to anyone. Remember, our minds have the power to create reality. When you entertain a thought, imagining a certain incident happening to someone, there’s a possibility it might come true especially if the thought is consistent.

There might be someone whom you detest and you can’t help but involuntarily wish for bad things to happen. What if your wish comes true? You might regret you’ve wished it in the first place. You could be affected to the point of your sadness leading to emotional guilt and pain.

What you should do once this negative thought comes to your mind is simply to let it go. Don’t continue entertaining the thought. Just replace it instead with a positive thought such as praying sincerely, saying, “God enlighten that person. May he be guided to the right path.”

I, myself, have a sibling whom I honestly don’t like at all. It’s a long story if I write it here. It’s normal that if you dislike someone much more if that person has actually done bad things against you, you can’t help but think of negative thoughts. Whatever is said and done, the person is still my sibling. Whatever may happen to the person, I’m sure I’ll share the pain in one way or the other. So in order to avoid that outcome, I have to pray for the person’s wellness and safety. In so by doing, I’m praying the same prayer for myself… Aren’t we all One in the ultimate reality?

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