The Intimacy Equation by Tim Marshall

Because of an experiment held by the NSA a new world evolves. A new type of hero emerges who wants to help the rest of the world catch up to the new paradigm. The only problem is the NSA believes these heroes to be a National Security threat, and will stop at nothing to shut them down.

Tim was born in Baltimore Maryland, and began helping others early in life. A natural life coach he has been helping others achieve greater success and happier lives. His education is in psychology and anthropology, and is trained as a Shaman, and a gifted healer. Journaling his life experiences gave him his passion for writing. He uses his own life experiences in all does, creating a deep realism within all of his work. A natural story teller, he has given speeches publicly, and has led people into magical realms of his own creation. He is passionate about helping others achieve their heart’s desire. A world class author, he is often invited to speak on stage and on the radio.

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