Drink Organic Green Tea

This organic green tea has been my beverage for many years now. I drink it after meal when I’m at home. The immediate effect on me is good digestion on the food I take. Sometimes when I get tempted with the delicious dishes on the table, I couldn’t help but eat a lot. But with a glass of this tea bag soaked in hot water, I then feel light after an hour.

I’ve observed my bowel movement is daily. From then on I began to research its health benefits. It’s not only for good digestion and regular bowel movement but also it has the ability to cleanse and flush out the toxins inside our bodies.

Nowadays, it’s very hard to avoid food without chemical preservatives. Even in fruits and vegetables, most likely they were sprayed with pesticides. Chicken, the most consumed animal, is injected with antibiotics and growth hormones. Fish, such as cream dory, mostly served in fast food chains and restaurants, has a preservative called formalin. Those chemicals are proven to be causing cancer to humans. Those are just some examples that not all we consume are safe. All you have to do is to protect and defend yourself when these carcinogens invade our bodies.

One of the best ways for me to be protected is daily consumption of this green tea. I can rest my mind because this is organic. It just means that even in herbal tea sold in grocery stores, the preparation during its production could involve spraying the leaves with pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

But then again, how would I really know if this green tea is indeed organic? They could just be making this up. Right? This is where trust comes in. Every time the product claims to be organic, the company is legally obliged to be truthful or else they could face complaints.

Above all, it’s the relief I feel every time I drink it after meals for I know it’s keeping me healthy.

The next time when you buy something at the grocery store, include a box of green tea in your cart. It doesn’t cost much. You’ll be glad for doing so. You might hear someone in his 80’s or 90’s testifying that one of the secrets of long and healthy life is drinking green tea.

– The Moving Words Book

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