The Meaning of Happiness

Happiness has a lot of meanings for me. One of the things which come right away in my mind is the sense of belongingness. I can’t imagine to experience life’s joys if I’m alone, with no one to share the fruits of my labor. And when your act of sharing is gladly accepted, happiness is doubled and magnified. Then you feel you are valued and needed which inspire you to continue doing good in life and even make it better.

Another is when I’m in good physical shape, then that’s happiness for me. I’d rather be healthy than be a rich sick man. Good health is connected with peace of mind, without which, wellness isn’t complete. Inner peace exists only when there’s nothing that I’m afraid of. I don’t fear anyone for I know I don’t have enemies. I admit I caused pain to other people in the past but I’ve already long asked forgiveness from them. I’m aware there are people who continue to hurt me but I still forgive only wishing enlightenment for them.

Happiness, obviously, is being able to smile and sometimes laughing your hearts out or laughing out loud without restraint. One time, I cracked some jokes in front of my family. I didn’t care if my joke was funny. I just blurted it out when a funny scene came into my imagination and the result, they were laughing to their hearts’ content. I was laughing uncontrollably that I had to stop with an effort because tears came out from my eyes. My wife, who also couldn’t stop from laughing, said that my face was virtually disfigured with the way I was laughing. Hahaha!

Of course, happiness would be more meaningful if I’m able to make someone happy whether that someone is my family member, friend or a stranger. Example of this can be a deed of kindness or simply showing appreciation.

Being happy has a lot of synonyms such as glad, cheerful, merry, joyful, delighted or pleased. When you feel good, contented or satisfied, it’s already happiness in the simplest manner. On the other hand, when you’re ecstatic, blissful, euphoric or overjoyed, that’s happiness on the highest level. But in the ongoing happenings of my life, just by the feeling of relief, it’s already happiness for me.

Having said all those things, I realize in a bird’s-eye view that life is anyhow worth living. You don’t even have to have any material thing at hand. You just have to exist and let the present moment sway you. That’s happiness.

– The Moving Words Book

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