Thinking of Committing Suicide?

Have you ever thought of committing suicide? Thinking of taking away your life is a brave thought because it just means you value happiness so much that without it, you’d rather die. I hope your thought would propel you to do something otherwise and creative in order to find a beautiful reason of your existence where inner joy is truly experienced.

There are people when they know of their terminal sickness, they choose the method of assisted dying. I commend them. They have two things in their minds. They can’t take anymore the physical discomfort and agonizing pain in their bodies. Second, they don’t wanna be a burden anymore to their families. The second one is truly praiseworthy.

For those who are planning to resort to suicide even without terminal illness, do you think your emotional and mental pain will finally end? I think you’re opening up a new dimension of negative repercussions. It might not pose any problem if you leave no one in this world but if you have a parent, spouse or kids, your suicide might cause a depressive environment for them. Other people might think they are contributory factors to your death. Their guilt would bother them for the rest of their lives. What if you got young kids you leave behind? What message are you trying to say to them? That they can give up without trying again in order to succeed? That there’s no hope anymore and that everyone seems to be bad? It could be worse if your kids will just stay alive and bear the pain in their hearts. What kind of life would that be? It’s a life of depression causing successive failures until their bodies wear out leading to death anyway. It’s the same suicide. The latter is just prolonged.

– The Moving Words Book

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