Write a Book

If there’s a story building in your mind waiting to be told and the world needs to know, go ahead and write it down. Think not about the outcome. Don’t think yet about how you’re going to market it. Just go ahead and start typing those words that come into your mind.

Write the title when you’re done with the whole story.

Write something that you feel so passionate about. It could be your true story, your wisdom or an interesting unique novel which you’re so inspired to put the characters in motion.

Again never think about the outcome. Never think about who’s going to read your written words. As I said, just go ahead and start writing. Start with the introduction, preface, prologue or whatever you might wanna call it. Don’t make it too long. What matters you’re able to write the background of your story such as why you’re writing it.

Pictures or illustrations are not important unless your genre is children’s or instructional. I’ve seen numerous bestselling books where pictures are only their covers. Some don’t even have an image. Just pure plain text.

Remember this. There is power in words. It can move people to take action. The best thing that can happen is making this world a better place because your story changes lives. But then again, don’t be so engrossed about the outcome. Just write what your mind is telling you and what your heart is pushing your fingers to type those words. If you’re guided with that principle, I tell you, your book will be successful in the right order of time.

If you feel tired, stop and take a rest. Your mind and body do not have unlimited energy. If you force yourself to continue to write, you won’t be able to produce moving words. When I say moving, it means the opposite of dull, boring and redundant.

Develop your story in a progressive style as much as possible so that in the later part, you would be able to achieve such a great climax where your book will have an impact and lasting memory to readers. But then again, don’t be so obsessed about it. That’s not your purpose of writing. Your main goal is simply putting down what you want to write, for so not doing it would make you unfulfilled.

When you’re done, reread what you have written from the very beginning and edit as much as possible if you have to until you’re satisfied. But don’t aim for perfection. If you do, you will never finish your book. Trust me. I’ve been around.

Conclusion, epilogue or final words may or may not be written. This is not necessary but write it if you have to. But don’t write as if you’re expecting some favorable reviews.

Remember this. Write not for book sales nor fame. Write because you want to fulfill your one of greatest desires in life.

– The Moving Words Book

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