Life is a Struggle

Life is an everyday struggle. You commit mistakes but you learn lessons as you get better and better. There’s no such thing as luck. If there is, it may happen once, twice, thrice or never at all. Struggle means you work for something you want to achieve. Struggle means that with your willful intention, you take action in a concrete way. Struggle, by the word itself, means you work against emptiness and hopelessness.

As my father used to say, “God helps those who work and help themselves.” In other words, God will not extend His hand to lift you up and bring miracles if you don’t take action at all. In fact, my dad doesn’t seem to believe that there’s a supernatural being called God for everything can be attributed to man’s actual own doing. He makes a lot of sense. It can be seen in his life. He’s in his eighties, in good health, being self-reliant at all times.

There are a lot of people in my country who are religious but remain in poverty yet they still hope and pray that God will financially bless them. The same story goes. They work but not hard enough to free themselves from economic burden. They work but not smart enough to make them successful. They work but they don’t struggle. They don’t endure. Worse, they stop working and give up. The worst thing that can happen, they become lazy and depend on others and God whom they believe will somehow magically save them from suffering.

Life doesn’t work that way. Life is neutral. It doesn’t favor anyone. You may say life is unfair because there are rich and powerful in our society. They become such either through the fruits of their labor or through their parents’ hard work.

So work and work. Work harder if you think your current work is not enough. Work smart if you think your present work is not producing results. Learn from others’ success stories. Change your strategy if you have to in order to achieve your desired results.

Whether you pray or not, whether you believe in a powerful Divine being or not, the power lies in you. Your common sense and hands are your tools in actualizing the power in you. When I say power, it doesn’t mean any extraordinary thing. It only means that what your mind can conceive in a realistic manner, your body can achieve only when you put your thoughts in motion.

In conclusion, life is all about struggle, lessons and action. If it’s not, then life ends.

– The Moving Words Book

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