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Author Cheryl K. Hawkins shares her Hurricane Katrina story in the Book “Louder Than Thunder”

How far would you go to survive with your parents in the event of a hurricane? Will you ever stop to think of your faith in the middle of a crisis? Are you prepared to go to any length to ensure the safety of those around you?

The book Louder than Thunder written by Cheryl K. Hawkins who was living in Louisiana several years ago and now residing in Georgia shares a sensational account of her experiences through the category 5 Hurricane Katrina that hit Louisiana in 2005, flooding most of the area killing thousands of lives.


Knowing the stories that the hurricane had showed the world, it’s easy for people to disregard the good in a bad situation. Despite the dire warnings of an impending hurricane in August 2005, several families opted to resist the storm from inside their houses. In her book, Cheryl recounted an inspiring story of survival with her father, a 70-year-old in a wheelchair, and the people they have encountered along the way to safety. As a woman of strong religious convictions, the author highlights the idea of what she described as the “hundreds of unsung heroes that have risen to the occasion during the storm.” Cheryl dictates her religious encounters through the calamity as she and her father take up a challenge of a lifetime. The book has given its readers quite a journey of faith and survival with incredible feedback! Dr. Irene S. Easley, the author of “Sex and the Christian Wife,” commented, “I watched the news with disbelief about the accounts of devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  However, as is often the case when hearing of events of such magnitude, there is a surreal feeling associated with the images presented by the media.  In this concise but poignant account of one little New Orleans family’s struggle for survival in the ravages of this monster storm, Cheryl provides a window into the firsthand experiences of these ‘victims turned victors’ by abiding in the power and grace of Jesus Christ. I greatly enjoyed this book and I pray that you also will find it captivating.” This is what Sharon, an Amazon book reviewer, had to say with her perfect 5-star rating: “This book is well worth your time and investment. The journey is real and leaves you with hope. Great book. Quick read.” Dedicating her literary work to the heroes of Hurricane Katrina, Cheryl expressed her deep gratitude through this remarkably moving book. For more information, be sure to visit the author’s website.

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