Below are the actual words of Willie Hill, the author of Colors: The Ancient African Connection to the Founding of America and the Making of the Crips and Bloods.

Parents of today’s so-called “At Risk Youth” are Forced to suffer silently in their helpless despair and dire uncertainty about the plight of their families in this racially charged violent world out here gone mad beyond their coffin size cage that they know could become their grave at the drop of a hat.

And so they do what all the helpless can do, which is pray as they continue to lay-in-wait quietly on their bunks like mere hospice patients subsisting on life-support, all the while repenting for their wrongs in life, serving their sentence, paying their debts to Society like the responsible Citizens Convicts in Penitentiary, really do endeavor to be, believe it or not.

Yet how can Convict Parents prove their worth to a society that seems to forget they even exist?

Only if provided the opportunity can Convicts prove their worth to a society in need of their help.

What I’m offering in presenting this book will hopefully serve to bear witness to what else is being overlooked. A mere drop in the bucket compared to the bottomless Well of creativity setting untapped behind the walls of your nearest penitentiary, in addition as close as your friendly neighborhood Prison-Parolee.

Yet it’s hard convincing people who happen to be Dis-Eased with doubt and mistrust for anyone who’s done time in prison to take us at our word on the best of days that we’ve been rehabilitated and ready to return to society and resume our parenting responsibilities. While still relatively young, physically fit, mentally stable, and full of life with plenty of Quality years left to give to their children and back to society, if given the time and opportunity, Convicts could prove to “Be Useful to themselves and Society.”

The unfortunate outbreak of the Coronavirus has caused a lot of pain and suffering to so many, and yet death and misery had to visit the entire Mass Society before a few incarcerated Parents could finally reap the merciful fortunes of freedom to return home to raise the children they were forced to leave behind to go serve another term for old crimes from behind the Wall back to the inner city streets of their perspective Concrete Jungle Village from where they were scooped up into the “3-Strikes-You-Out” dragnet and railroaded back to the Penitentiary to do time on the first two Priors all over again plus pay the price for the none violent third strike designed to strike them, (especially Parents of color) out of the picture for the rest of their lives. (BUSS), while doing time in ‘penitence,’… in the (House of Penitence) Penitentiary,

If Penitentiaries were designed and operated in the esoteric Mormon tradition according to their untold clandestine rebirth over rehabilitation curriculum in secret Alchemist practices in esoteric Transformation, 40 days and 40 nights in penitence, reading and studying the Mystery System.

Of course, to do so would be counterproductive to the secreted clandestine agendas to indoctrinate Youth of color into the schoolyard to prison yard, menace-to-enemy of society mindset. The old Like father like son, The sins of the father shell the son bare are old brain-washing self-suggestive mind games of a guilt-trip nature. No truer words have ever been spoken yet they are no longer words of guilt-trip nature to incarcerated fathers and believe it or not, they are words that trigger powerful awakenings among Convict Parents towards a life-changing motivating nature to incarcerated, (Convict) fathers that spend their time in true, old-school, Penitence, (Penitentiary) according to the original Smith Brothers esoteric Curriculum that was forced underground after Joe Smith and his brother Alvin were gunned down in their Prison Cells in an apparent Assassination the sacred Self-Enlightening Model of the original secrete Alchemist Discipline in “Behavioral Transformation” was watered down by John Haviland in 1829 into a simpler traditional Concept of Reforming the (Cruel Punishment) Image of “Forced Incarceration” with the softer window Dressing Model “Rehabilitation.”  

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That is a brief synopsis (my own version) of my literary creation linking ancient African tribes and religious practices to present-day gangs and their affiliated practices called flagging, whereby active gang members carry colored bandanas and dress themselves and their automobiles and paint their neighborhoods in red and blue graffiti to flaunt their respective patriotic colors. It has the potential of changing the old stereotypical notion that the Crips and Bloods are natural-born enemies. “You’re wearing blue, so I can’t play with you!”

My overall 390-page novel manuscript is historically formatted. It is an adventure novel carefully woven with moral fiber and intended not only to entertain but dispel the existing separatist mentality that is so prevalent in the minds of our young, uninformed, and out-of-control youth today.

This story is a properly orchestrated literary campaign to educate and mend the gap between rival street gangs who patronize the colors red and blue. It introduces and emphasizes Tuuwee and Luba Zandi’s friendship, a friendship born and derived from the ancient pact between their great ancestral forefathers, the sacred bond of friendship. But besides the ancestral pledge of friendship, the sacred promise of cooperation between the Cuuzan and Ikeely, a decree handed down from the ancient forefathers, Tuuwee and Luba Zandi had a personal relationship. They happen to have been childhood playmates.

My literary assumption that the red-and-blue color phenomenon landed in America with the arrival of Tuuwee and Luba Zandi is just that—an assumption, a creative rendition of my imagination. This story will undoubtedly stir controversy as to where and when the Crips and Bloods originated. But creating controversy is one of the objectives. It will draw attention to my work, and capturing the attention of these young misguided youths of today is all the beginning of my literary creation needs. Once we have their attention, my comprehensive works (insights of untold ancient African history) can and will make a viable difference in changing the negative perception about the red and blue (“You’re wearing blue, so I can’t play with you”) into a new positive conception.

Everywhere for viable solutions and ideas to help curb the spread of gang proliferation and the escalating violence associated with gang warfare, Colors: The Ancient African Connection to the Crips and Bloods should be immediately utilized as a tool in the struggle to save our youth.

My Ancient African Connection to the Crips and Bloods, as antigang literature, should be recognized and accepted for its potential alone. There are overwhelming needs in all minority communities.

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