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A Man’s Passion

by Jerry P. Schellhammer

A Man's Passion

“As I was telling you, passion is an emotion and state of mind. It can be love; hate; anger; you name it.”

Jerry P. Schellhammer authors a brief yet dynamic story in his book, “A Man’s Passion.” Dorothy “Dot” Black picks up her great-grandmother, Hattie Black, from her assisted living facility before they embark on a road trip to Montgomery, Alabama.

Along the way, the two women encounter modern struggles that many African-Americans face today, from racial profiling and prejudice towards people with mixed heritage. While things have changed after Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights movement, the book doesn’t deny that things could still get better.

Hattie, a white woman about to reach 100, recalls her past along the journey. She tells her great-granddaughter about the struggles African Americans faced during her times, including Dot’s great-grandfather.

Despite their turbulent first meeting, the two lovebirds eventually came to an understanding which blossomed into an enduring romance against all odds.

Hattie’s wit, bravery, and integrity stand out from the rest of her relatives. She is undoubtedly an excellent star of this story. I love how she dotes on her great-granddaughter despite not understanding today’s youth culture.

While brief, the story deals with several themes like passion, intergenerational pain, racism, and hope. The author manages to execute these themes with honesty and sincerity. Nevertheless, there are mature scenes in this read, so individuals sensitive to such topics will need to heed this warning.

Overall, it was a quick yet illuminating read. The author does a great job of showcasing multiple themes in their short story—a skill that only the best writers can pull off. I highly recommend this story to readers looking for books that stand the test of time.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023