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A Montage of a Mauve Reality

by Thomas James Taylor

A Montage of Mauve Reality by Thomas Taylor is a collection of eighteen short stories. Each short story is set in a unique and intriguing premise. The characters and their behaviors were relatable as much as the situations they are in. We were invited to witness an event from their lives. Through this sneak peek, we can assess how and why they are trapped in this situation.

The author touches so many unusual and least explored subjects through this set of short stories. He sheds light on the life of less privileged and upper-class lives alike.

We can find this trait from the first story, 6:30 A.M to the last one, Somewhere to Call Home. I really love this diversity in the stories. The author gives much importance to the emotional dilemmas of the characters.

Their thoughts, involuntary actions, destructive behaviors, and strained relationships are portrayed very accurately. This creates depth to the characters and makes them more real-like.

Although this story does not follow a typical style in the narration, I could find some similarities towards the end. Most of the stories open up with a detailed description of the surroundings the characters are in. This way, the author scripts the scene vividly and accurately into the imagination of the reader. One of the best examples of this exemplary skill is in the story Mauve. Along with this, the author adds some twists and a touch of humor towards the end. That’s how you craft an amazing story!

My favorite ones are The Gravity of Elm’s Situation and Bastards. The former reminds us of the uncertainty of life and death, while the latter raises numerous questions on the integrity of professions.  People, who have seemingly perfect lives, often build their fortune at the expense of others. Usually, the victims are unaware of the foul play. The smarter ones win the game with their crooked ways.

The stories are undoubtedly very well-written. The author has an exceptionally good command of the language. He creates a mystery and suspicion from the beginning itself. The suspense compounds as the story progresses. This is definitely a great piece of art.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2022


About the Author

Thomas James Taylor (not to be confused with other authors of similar name) was born and raised on Trushgrove Farm, South Australia. Now sixty-five years of age, he turned to writing in the mid-eighties as therapy in breaking from a destructive lifestyle and quickly fell in love with the medium. Termed at the time, as manic depressive or bipolar, he says that harnessing the augmented mental activity of being bipolar and using it to drive stories was the answer to dealing with the situation, and now the condition is seen only as an asset, without need to use chemicals, prescribed or otherwise.

Years of searching, working jobs all across Australia in often harsh conditions became an endless journey. He studied science, music, quantum mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, and story writing, and after a long time settled and married to live quietly close to both the ocean and unspoiled landscapes, South of Adelaide.”Growing up with Nature on the doorstep imbued me with a powerful and abiding respect for all that nature provides; and being a shy child, I was given to observing life and human beings, never realizing that one day the talent would put me in a perfect position, applying all I have absorbed of human beings throughout life becoming invaluable in the practice of the art of novel and short writing: a vocation I love.