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A Roof Against the Rain

by Joellen Collins

JoEllen Collins writes about love, loss, and finding love again. In “A Roof Against the Rain,” we learn about the life of Juliet Barnes, who now becomes a widow after her husband’s death from cancer.

To make extra money and keep her mind off things, she rents out her vacation home in Sun Valley to the Duncans, a couple looking to stay during Christmas. However, a series of unexpected events cause the Duncans to withdraw their rental for the holidays.

In a way, life goes on. From vacationing in Mexico with her accomplished daughters to seeing her best friend find love with a boisterous Italian man, Juliet continues her “leftover life” as a widow. After returning the Duncans’ deposit for the rental, she starts a correspondence with widower Sam Duncan. They both share their fears, anxieties, and eventual hopes for the future through written letters. Despite the memories of Paul flitting around in her mind and heart, Juliet learns that loving again is entirely possible and beyond anyone’s control.

The author’s sweet yet mature romance set in the 90s presents an endearing read about love, loss, and love once more. Juliet is simply captivating as a heroine because of her kindness, enthusiasm, and loving nature. As I read through the story, I can’t help but cry at the pain of Juliet losing her husband and internally rejoice when she’s given a chance to love again. Her relationship with her mother-in-law, daughters, and friends warms my heart, and I’m sure anyone who picks up this book will feel the same way. The author is simply a master at creating a heroine you can’t help but root for while making a romance that is entirely heartwarming yet realistic. It was a pleasure to read and definitely worth re-reading over and over again. A hopeful read for anyone who believes in romance and finding love again.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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