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A Yogi’s Handbook: A Condensed Practical Presentation of Wisdom


Christopher Salomone

There are many aspects of health: physical, mental, and spiritual. In the latter’s case, many people often seek answers through religious or spiritual gurus.

Christopher Salomone offers a starter handbook for people who are looking for answers in the spiritual sense. In his book, “A Yogi’s Handbook: A Condensed Practical Presentation of Wisdom,” he explores the fundamental spiritual teachings from almost every tradition, including Buddhism, Shamanism, and other religions. He also combines these teachings with his personal experiences, including profound stories and anecdotes that many wise masters have passed on to their students.

One integral part of the book is the author’s distinction between a Guru and a Yogi. In his book, he states that a Guru is an ascended spiritual teacher that sits and meditates in isolation and achieves the highest levels of consciousness. A Yogi, on the other hand, has a foot in the commonality of the mainstream of life (such as having a spouse or children) and their other foot is placed in their higher being or spirituality.

In short, a Yogi is an individual who brings spirituality to everything they do. As such, the author has become a testament to what a true Yogi is by providing a well-organized and easy-to-follow guide. This book is fantastic for individuals seeking to expand their horizons while exploring their spiritual side.

He starts by explaining the basic concepts first, then slowly shifts the book’s direction into applying these principles in a practical setting. While many of the principles have been around for centuries, he explains them so that modern readers of varying ages can apply them to everyday life with kindness and compassion. He also cites other references like “The Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton as he discusses the concept of reincarnation, karma, and soul groups.

In a nutshell, “A Yogi’s Handbook: A Condensed Practical Presentation of Wisdom” is a beautiful guide for people looking to explore beyond physical concepts and experiences. Questions like, “Who Am I?” “Why Am I Here?” and “What Happens Next?” don’t always have clear-cut answers, but knowing how to reflect on them helps. Additionally, spiritual experts or old souls who have experienced spiritual awakenings can find value in this beautiful read by reflecting on the author’s teaching points and journey.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024