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Abundant Blessings From 60 years of Ministering


John Booko

It’s a tremendous blessing to be able to live to ninety and live to tell the tale. John Booko knows this all too well as he chronicles his life in his book, “Abundant Blessings From 60 years of Ministering.”

Born on November 29, 1922, in Chicago, Illinois, John was the first son of Assyrian immigrants. Growing up, his mother taught him Bible stories in their household. As he and his family lived through the Great Depression, his reckless youth at 13 stopped him from attending Sunday School. Since then, his social life consisted of staying with his buddies, playing cards, or drinking at bars.

Still, God had other plans for him. As World War II raged on, John Booko talked about how his life changed. From accepting Jesus as his personal savior to creating long-lasting friendships with his fellow soldiers, John shows how being a soldier of Christ is a lifelong mission.

Since then, John has had a new purpose in life. As a man of God, he is constantly sharing his tales as a devout pastor, including the various roads of his personal life.

One of the best parts of this memoir is how evocative the author is. His prose style showcases his passion in his work, all while chronicling his legacy as a disciple and a man.

Additionally, it was great to read about how much fun he had once he accepted Christ as his savior. While many seem to think that a person becomes less “fun” when saved, the author is living proof that such a notion is purely mythical. If anything, nothing is more joyous than knowing your life has a purpose beyond earthly pleasures. From traveling the world to meeting people from all walks of life, John Booko is genuinely blessed.

Aside from his stories, his memoir also imparts a concise message of how Jesus’ love and mercy can change a person from the inside out. If you ever need a pick-me-up or are contemplating your relationship with God, you should check out this book to see what taking that leap of faith can do for you.

Coupled with exciting anecdotes, “Abundant Blessings From 60 years of Ministering” also comes with personal photos from the author, many of which feature loved ones and his work as a pastor.

If you’re looking for something hopeful yet inspiring, look no further than this blessing of a read!

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024