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Across the Rift by H. Ann Ackroyd

by H. Ann Ackroyd

Across the Rift: World War Two Novel in Rhythmic Prose (Colonial Historical Fiction Series) by H. Ann Ackroyd is set at the backdrop of World War 2 that explores the lives of the members of the same family living in different countries during the war.

It explores the impact of the war on them, society, and on people around them. It builds on the theme of love, loss, hope, family, and redemption. It also investigates the similarities and differences of experience with changing locations, local politics, and class.

This exact narrative makes this book immensely compelling and utterly moving. It instigates your mind and provokes your thoughts. It makes you dissect the historical events through a completely unique lens.

Like her other books, the author has thoroughly researched the topic before writing on it. That combined with her knowledge and understanding of the African heritage and culture, made reading it an experience in itself.

The book will challenge your preconceived notions at every stage and completely consume you emotionally.

Another thing that makes the book stand out is the refreshing style of writing. It is written in a very different but nonetheless intriguing style that the author calls the ‘rhythmic prose’. It made my reading experience even more pleasant. Will definitely recommend this book to everyone.

– The Moving Words Review


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About the Author

H. Ann Ackroyd is the critically acclaimed author of Slaves, Masters and Traders: Historical FictionAcross the Rift: World War Two Novel in Rhythmic Prose (Colonial Historical Fiction Series) and Colonial Adventure and Other Stories. She was born and raised in southern Africa. She is of British and Austrian parentage and has family in Britain, Europe, and Africa with whom she keeps in touch and on whose experiences she draws, along with her own, in her books. She was trained at the University of Vienna, Austria, as a translator: main languages English and German, also Spanish and Portuguese. She has lived in Africa, Europe, Brazil and now lives in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

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