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ACT as Though I Am Already, There I Am: Power of the Spoken Word


Julia Byas

Julia ByasAuthor Julia Byas writes a powerful guide on following the Word of the Lord. A founder of the Women of Power Ministry, she is also credited with establishing several movements, including the Immanuel Temple-God with Us Worship Center.

In her book, “Power of the Spoken Word,” she offers a practical guide on how to honor God’s teachings. Some of these lessons include learning how to control our words and taking responsibility for our life experiences. Aside from these lessons, each chapter also provides bible verses that correlate with her words. This conscious decision to structure her guide makes it easier for readers to connect with God easily.

Aside from handy advice, Pastor Byas also offers a glimpse of her journey as the Lord’s apostle. After finally accepting her true calling, the author relays some difficulties that have tested her inner strength. Fortunately, her unwavering faith has brought numerous miracles in her church family and has continued to do so. With these experiences in mind, there is no doubt that the author is someone who has lived a truly remarkable life. While it’s not perfect, it’s inspiring and incredibly heartwarming.

One passage that genuinely stands out for me is this part in chapter one, which reads:

Being chosen, you will be accused wrongly and unjustly, because some will not understand your commitment to the call.”

Reading about the author’s challenges as a female pastor is inspirational. Considering that many Christian denominations rarely have female leaders, it’s encouraging to read how she kept her faith intact. While we can never avoid suffering and pain, knowing that you are never alone is uplifting.

Each sentence cited in the book is well-thought-out and evocative—leaving the readers mulling these wise passages repeatedly. This book is a must-read if you are looking for a guide to finding your calling.

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