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Advanced ESOL Volume 2: Bible Lessons to Improve English Pronunciation - For College Undergraduate and Graduate Students

by Susan C. McMillan

Educational, spiritual, thoughtful, and engaging. These are the qualities you can find in Advanced ESOL: Volume II Bible Lessons to Improve English Pronunciation. English is among the countless complicated and difficult-to-pronounce languages used globally. Many words either sound the same, mean the same, or are not pronounced as to how it seems.

English pronunciation is needed by international students, whether they are undergraduate or graduate students. However, spiritual books may not be the go-to books some readers immediately consider since the people who are the target audience for this book may prefer something carefree and unrestricted.

English and Bible lessons may seem to many as an unlikely pair, but Dr. McMillan has done a masterful job of putting ESOL lessons together with Biblical teaching. Her book has mastered it, hitting two birds with one stone! Throughout the entire book, it’s definitely clear that the presence of a teacher to support the students as they read the book is necessary.

Dr. McMillan made sure that while no lectures are necessary, by reading the book aloud to the teacher, the ESOL student could have interactions with the teacher that would help in learning both English pronunciation and the Bible. The introduction to the book and to each section advises the teachers on how to use the sections of lessons best. The activities provided by the author make the whole experience interesting and worthwhile. Aside from that, the Bible lessons and stories are logically organized by the author to guarantee a progressive flow of learning. 

Overall, I’m truly satisfied with the knowledge and spiritual insights I gained just by reading this book. To be frank, academic books are not entertaining because it kills the fun in the escape-from-reality experience. However, with Advanced ESOL: Volume II Bible Lessons to Improve English Pronunciation, I was able to finish the book without the dragging feeling. It’s an educational book I’d definitely recommend to my peers and foreign friends who want to learn English pronunciation. It’s not a book for entertainment but something to encourage and assist teachers of English as a Second Language (ESOL) to help those who are learning to speak English correctly.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023

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