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Adventures of Moti: A Birdie in a Box Book 8: Christmas in Canada


Satyanarayana Ganti

Christmas is when everyone gets together to spend time with their family during the winter. Satyanarayana Ganti, writer of the “Adventures of Moti: A Birdie in a Box” series, illustrates this message very clearly.

In part eight, Moti, who just returned from her adventure, is ready to start a new one with her many close friends. Bored during the week leading up to Christmas, Moti and her friends decide to fly out for another adventure.

However, things suddenly turn for the worse when Moti suddenly disappears! With no clue where she had gone, her friends decided to fly back home and inform her family immediately. Worried that she could be hurt and lost, her family prayed for her safety and eventual return.

Fortunately, Moti was able to return home safely. With the doctor’s help, Moti could tell her family the tale of her unexpected adventure. From helping a lost pigeon to accidentally getting lost, the author showcases Moti’s incredible kindness and heart. She also touches on genuine environmental issues like extracting oil from oil sands, resulting in toxic waste that affects wildlife.

The book is chockful of fascinating details told through the eyes of Moti and her family. Topics like aircraft, Indian culture, and environmental care play an essential role in the book. Moreover, the book also comes with incredible illustrations by Murthy Upadhyayula. Vibrant and bold, these illustrations help bring the story to life while capturing children’s imaginations.

Of course, the one thing we shouldn’t take away from this book is family’s importance of family, especially during the holidays. Despite Moti’s predicament, it’s touching to know her family thought of her and even gave presents to her many friends.

Informative, creative, and fun—the author does a great job adding another book to the Moti series. This story is the perfect read for your kids if you’re looking for a go-to book this Christmas season.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 2, 2023