Author Spotlight

Alexis Alexander

A.T. Alexander is on initiated Master Mechanic and a member of the Independent United Order of Mechanics Western Hemisphere Friendly Society Inc USA. Perseverance Lodge No 9 in Toronto, Canada. A.T. Alexander was born in Diamonds Village, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines. He immigrated to Canada in his early teens. He had studied various philosophies and is a retired aircraft maintenance engineer (AME). After joining the Mechanic fraternity in 1990, he spent the years researching, studying the lore(teachings), philosophy and rituals of the Mechanics Order.


The Lost Keys of Mechanism


Rituals are being performed as one progress through the degrees of Mechanism in the form of initiation. And often, many initiated Mechanic’s themselves find it difficult to understand the esoteric within the lore of Mechanism. Thus, this book called the lost keys of Mechanism is written for initiated Mechanics, It has been prepared in the spirit of brotherhood or in the spirit of friendship, truth and love for the purpose of shedding forth some light on the esoteric or hidden lore in some of the rituals of Mechanism. And so, an initiated mechanic should be able to see and understand or comprehend that symbols can represent many ideas or concepts, concealing and revealing truth and reminding us of lessons once learned, and instruct us on several levels of understanding causing one to gain more knowledge, understand and wisdom as one journey through life.

“A unique read that encourages individuals to seek answers in a more grounded yet practical way. With various symbols that have since lost their meaning and significance, the author does a great job of bringing light to their different essences concisely yet pragmatically.”