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Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices: Are Yours Creating the Life You Desire?


Alexandra Delis-Abrams Ph.D.

Three factors influence our ability to create the life we want. Alexandra Delis-Abrams, Ph.D., illustrates these core principles all too well in her book, “Attitudes, Beliefs and Choices: Are Yours Creating the Life You Desire?”

Reading this book is a capital “I” for insightful and inspirational as it invites readers to recognize and honor their inner world of feelings and experiences. By incorporating research, personal anecdotes, client histories, and even some spiritual guidance—the author provides a well-rounded and comprehensive guide on how to:

  • Recognize acquired attitudes about life.
  • Realize that those perceptions stem from beliefs instilled early on. 
  • Reach for the clarity and confidence of a “sage,” tapping into the power behind making wise choices.

The material stands the test of time, with various self-help tools woven into the content from Socrates and Buddha.

As “Attitudes…” is not a cover-to-cover read, it can be picked up or resumed, at any random page, guided by a word that “speaks” to the reader, or by following an intuitional nudge where a finger scrolling thru the index, stops.

Each chapter is titled with three different feeling words, i.e., “Balanced, Betrayed, Brave” for each letter of the alphabet—followed by an easy-to-read story-type account related to that feeling. It concludes with ten “Reflection Time” questions that can be revelatory and life-changing if answered with deep awareness and honesty. After all, how often does one stop to examine, then be willing to reset, their belief system? Which ones work and don’t work for you today?

My favorite part of the book is when the author requests practical exercises: For instance, the concept of a “talking stick,” used by Native Americans, as an incredible way to teach patience and deepen listening skills. Additionally, I love how she incorporates and mentions other resources and books from other experts—making it a well-researched work of love. 

Life presents challenges at every moment, and the author’s “down-home” writing style not only connects you to her but also to oneself if the heart is open to listening to the “whispers” that will be present. Her writing style is compassionate, playful, and probing as she writes how she speaks.

As the pages are turned, one can’t help but feel like The Attitude Doc is someone rooting for you to become a better version of yourself, encouraging the idea to embrace the present moment and trust the process of life because life always wins.

This read is a staple for homes, schools, and clinics. Overall, it is a fantastic read for people who want to delve into a journey of self-actualization, bond with another, better understand the behavior of family members, or find creative ways to overcome personal and challenging issues, and of course, as a foundational guide on how to teach children to be emotionally intelligent. It is truly a phenomenal guide whose ideas are timeless.

– The Moving Words Review

Official Entry: The Most Moving Book Award, Jan. 3, 2024