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Author Explores the Power of Collective Memory Through Her Latest Book

Author CB Anslie’s latest book explores the power of collective memory in “Children of Light.”

The book starts with Rae Arrowson, a nine-year-old girl who experienced a vision for the first time when she saw a projection of a woman in her home. Frightened, she seeks comfort from her father, who realizes that his daughter’s unique ability requires expert help from the women in his family. While Carl does his best to help ease his daughter’s worries by helping her connect her roots, he does face some problems of his own, including his marriage.

Fortunately, Father John Redman, a priest with an open heart and mind, helps the Arrowson family in more ways than one. While he was initially skeptical, his compassionate and kind nature allowed him to experience something remarkable. With so many things that have led him to Rae, there is no doubt that something more significant is a part of their meeting.

From depicting the themes of interconnected souls and the conflict between destiny and coincidence, the author masterfully explores these concepts in a simple yet moving narrative.

The author, CB Anslie, is no stranger to all things spiritual. As a daughter of a Lutheran pastor, she studied philosophy during her college years, eventually earning a BA at the University of Maryland in 1980. Aside from philosophy, she also has an interest in theater and went on to earn an MS in Information and Telecommunications Systems for Business from John Hopkins University in 1995. After considerable time raising a family and working as a writing tutor at a community college for twenty-three years, she retired at the end of 2021. She spends time with friends, family, and a dog named Ruckus.

The Moving Words, a review company, includes the following words as part of their review of the book:

“Overall, “Children of Light” is a fantastic read. While it leaves you asking questions at first, it does an excellent job of answering them concisely later. This book is a worthy addition if you like stories depicting the themes of interconnected souls, destiny, and coincidence—a great combination to start the new year!” [sic]

Readers can visit the author’s official website. You can also purchase Children of Light in eBook, hardcover, and paperback format on Amazon.


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