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Author Jerry P. Schellhammer Unveils a Chilling New Novel: ‘I, Albert Peabody: Confessions of a Serial Killer’

Esteemed novelist Jerry P. Schellhammer takes readers into the mind of an enigmatic serial killer in his latest masterpiece, “I, Albert Peabody: Confessions of a Serial Killer.” Set against the backdrop of Spokane, Washington, this novel unfolds the haunting confessions of Albert Peabody, an 85-year-old man suspected of a series of chilling murders, as revealed to his psychiatrist in a Washington State mental hospital.

Through the eyes of Albert Peabody, readers are led on a dark journey through decades of calculated killings, beginning with a tragic event that unfolded upon his return from the Korean War. Married to his high school sweetheart and faced with the devastating loss of their daughter, Peabody’s path takes a sinister turn, leading to a string of murders executed as twisted retribution for perceived injustices.

Schellhammer skillfully navigates the complexities of Peabody’s psyche, revealing a character who, despite his monstrous deeds, insists on his sanity. The narrative is rich with suspense, as psychiatrist Dr. Schwartz delves deeper into Peabody’s mind, uncovering layers of deceit and a shocking family secret that could change everything.

“I, Albert Peabody: Confessions of a Serial Killer” is not just a novel; it’s an exploration into the depths of human darkness and the consequences of unchecked vengeance. Schellhammer’s narrative prowess provides a persistently captivating look into a wicked cognizance, devoid of gratuitous violence yet profoundly disturbing.

This novel is a must-read for fans of psychological thrillers and those captivated by the intricacies of the human psyche. Schellhammer’s latest work promises to be a gripping addition to the genre, offering a story that is as thought-provoking as it is terrifying.

Kirkus Reviews stated: In Schellhammer’s novel, an elderly serial killer chronicles an alarming string of murders he’s committed over the course of decades. There are a few surprises awaiting readers in the final act (some more convincing than others), leading to a gratifying ending… A fascinating and relentlessly dour peek into an evil mind.

“I, Albert Peabody: Confessions of a Serial Killer” is available for purchase on Amazon. Readers are invited to delve into this dark tale and witness the unravelling of a mind consumed by revenge and haunted by secrets.

For more information about Jerry P. Schellhammer and his work, visit author’s website.

About the Author. Jerry has pursued such a dream and now it is coming true through his persistence as a writer and author. He began writing in junior high school and high school and realized then, that he wanted to pursue this endeavor and make it a life-long career. He graduated from Washington State University with a BA in English writing. Known for his compelling storytelling and deep psychological insights, with a repertoire of works that span various genres, Schellhammer continues to captivate readers with narratives that challenge the boundaries between right and wrong, sanity and madness.


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