Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Claire S. Cabot

Ms. Cabot has been a feature and travel writer for newspapers such as “The Boston Globe,” “The New York Times,” and “The Middletown Press,” as well as being a staff writer for several Connecticut regional magazines. She is also a certified Graphoanalyst and member of The International Graphoanalysis Society, The American Association of Handwriting Analyst, and The New England Society for Handwriting Analyst.

Claire lives happily on the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts with her husband Sam Cabot. Between them they have four children and six grandchildren.

Visit the author’s website: https://clairescabotwriter.com/


The Corona Virus Collaborative Diary
It’s safe to say that, without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the course of humanity forever. In 2019, the virus, which originated in Wuhan, China, spread worldwide, endangering people of all backgrounds.
As the world’s governments work together to help contain the virus through various means, many people have coped with the virus’ impact in many ways. From baking bread, sharing recipes, and even working on a collaborative diary. “The Coronavirus Collaborative” is an example of the latter.
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The book signifies an underlying theme of what human tenacity is capable of… This is a great and inspiring read. I urge anyone living through pandemic fatigue to read this creative collaboration. While it has taken us years to recover from the pandemic’s effects, the book demonstrates a key example of how we can share our experiences for future generations to come.”

– The Moving Words Review

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Making A Killing

An accomplished feature and travel writer in addition to being a certified Graphoanalyst, Claire has turned her skills into mystery dramas. Her plots trade heavily on her extensive travel and knowledge of handwriting analysis.

“Each character played a crucial role in unweaving the intricate conspiracy in their midst, which could easily be overwhelming. Still, the author does it effortlessly with style. As an added bonus, the author’s vivid description of the story’s settings shows her penchant for setting the scene as vividly as possible—a talent only a true writer could pull.”

– The Moving Words Review

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Literary Terrorist

Literary Terrorist is the second in a series about Adelaide Stubbs, a successful international jet-setting handwriting analyst who solves mysteries with her unique skill. Adelaide is accompanied by her often amusing husband, Butch, who owns explosives and ammunition company.

Like her first book in the series, Write Is Wrong, Claire co-authored with Susan Baumbach Parry. Literary Terrorist often coincides with Butchs business travels. The end results are stories of intrigue, mystery, and adventure in far-off places.

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A Short History of Ingredients: Second Edition

A freelance writer and researcher, Claire became fascinated with the plethora of ingredients available to 21st-century cooks and decided to combine her love of cooking with food history. The result gives the reader delicious recipes with interesting facts.

Claire lives in Beverly Farms, Massachusetts, with her husband Sam, who is her official taster! Between them, they have four children

Available on Amazon.

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